Oral Histories


Plowshares Media has cultivated a unique expertise in the Oral Histories, long form interviews spanning multiple instances (typically 20 – 40 interview) and done over a period of months or years, to record unique life histories, documenting the central historical events and memories of our times.

To develop and execute these projects we  partner with various oral history organizations and professional interviewers. Our work has naturally gravitated to the art world, with several of the large scale projects focused on art movements and artists whose work has significantly impacted the world. However we regularly tackle other subjects, recently completing the video segment of a Rule of Law and Due Process project, which included multiple interviews with ex-detainees and individuals involved with the human rights organization Cageprisoners, in London.

Clients (and potential clients!) ask us about creating Oral Histories to commemorate an event, document their family’s unique story, record the life and accomplishments of a loved one for posterity, or even chronicle the lasting impact that someone has had on the world around them. Oral Histories aren’t right for everybody, but if you think it might be the right fit and would like more information don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Sample Clients & Projects


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