WWII Oral Histories


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Recorded over a span of 25 years, the War in the Pacific National Historic Park (WAPA) Oral History Collection uniquely documents the many facets of the WWII Pacific Theater. It features hundreds of hours of until now publicly unavailable first hand experiences from:

  • American World War II Veterans
  • Civilian Pacific-islanders and
  • Veterans of the Japanese Imperial Navy (very rare, w/ full translations).

The National Park Service & the U.S. Department of the Interior contracted with us to digitize, organize and document this collection. It is now available to you to own as part of your research or oral history collection for libraries, schools, museums, and other non-profits and government entities.

The collection is now available in full on either DVDs or a fully indexed Hard Disk Drive. The vast collection contains

  • 76 video interviews (over 65 hours)
  • 49 audio interviews (over 48 hours)
  • Time-coded transcripts
  • 1–3 page summaries for each interview
  • Index Guide of all interviews

View additional samples of the interviews here.

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