Government & Public Sector

Plowshares Media, LLC is a full-service HD video production (self-certified) small business creating broadcast quality but budget-conscious media exclusively for the public, government and non-profit sectors. We guarantee premium production values & affordable full service video solutions.

Plowshares works with and understands the RFP process, we complete approximately 3 RFPs per month, having recently wrapped up a project with the National Parks Service (NPS) and the Department of the Interior, and is in production on two more; one fore the US AID Deliver Project and another project the NPS and Department of the Interior. Due to the unique nature of the work, we cannot post much of it here, but if you are a government institution, NGO or anyone else in the public sector that typically hires contractors through the RFP process and are interested in working with us please get in touch. We will be happy be happy to provide you with video samples and more details privately.

Download our latest Plowshares Media Capability Statement (CAPE) here with all of our NAICS, PSC, and NYC NGIP numbers.

Our Capabilites Include

Video & Motion Graphic Production, Event Video Production, Internet-Based Media Production (Webcasts & Webinars), Social Media Strategies, Implimenta- tion Strategies, Post Production / Studio Production, Original Program Content for Internet, Television & Radio, Video & Audio Podcast Creation, E-learning

Common Govt. Uses of video

Keep the Public Up-to-Date, Safety & Standards Compliance Training, Promoting New Initiatives & Programs, Informing the Public about changes to Laws, Recruiting Staff & Program Participants, Policy & Procedural Instruction, Increase Accessibility by Documenting Seminars, Free up staff resources by Using Video, Prevent Agency Loss by Recording Best Practices


Recent Projects of Note

Justice Corps Initiative by the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
NYC – Queens Library High School Equivalency Program
War in the Pacific National Historic Park (WAPA) Oral History Collection

The National Park Service & the U.S. Department of the Interior asked us to digitize, transcribe, translate, organize, and document an extraordinary collection of first hand stories of WWI experiences recorded over a span of 25 years. It uniquely chronicles the many facets of the WWII Pacific Theater, and features hundreds of hours of until now publicly unavailable first hand experiences from:

American World War II Veterans
Civilian Pacific-islanders and,
Veterans of the Japanese Imperial Navy (very rare, w/ full translations).