The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation Oral History

Plowshares Media has been working with the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation to create a multi-part oral history that will be the definitive record of the life and work of renowned abstract expressionist painter. This oral history project features interviews with prominent individuals from all walks of both her past and more recent late life. Working with researchers and oral historians to plan the interviews about this major second-generation Abstract Expressionist artist, Plowshares conducted interviews across the North East, Memphis, TN, and London.  Plowshares produced a boxed set of the completed video interviews containing the rich stories about Frankenthaler’s life, career and artwork, for the Helen Frankenthaler Estate and Foundation complete with transcripts and interview summaries.

Hailed as one of the most prominent and influential abstract expressionist painters, Helen Frankenthaler has been a huge contributor to the history of postwar American painting, Frankenthaler began exhibiting in the 1950s and continued to do so at museums and galleries around the world until her recent death in December 2011. The luminaries interviewed for the project are prestigious men and women from all walks of life who had been fortunate enough to be touched by Helen Frankethaler’s friendship during their lives.