New York State Nurses Association – NYSNA


The New York State Nurses Association approached us on the cusp of a dramatic victory. They were looking to show how their union members succeeded in protracted contract negotiations with Flushing Hospital by uniting across ethnic, age and gender lines while staying motivated, keeping sight of their goals and ensuring that the community was always informed.  They also wanted the video to serve as an informative organizing tool that other hospital unions, or anyone in a contract negotiation could learn from, be inspired by and use as blueprint for effective organizing.

NYSNA and their public affairs team BerlinRosen also hired us to create a video that captured the spirit of their historic membership meeting that kicked off a safe staffing campaign and made sweeping democratic changes within the structure of the union.

NYSNA represents Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) nurses who were beginning to increase pressure on the Mayor and the City of New York to negotiate their contract.  NYSNA and and their public affairs team BerlinRosen hired us to create two PSAs that were broadcast in the New York market as part of that campaign.