MoMA – Museum of Modern Art

Plowshares has worked closely with the Museum of Modern Art – MoMA for over three years to create over 250 hours of educational and promotional content. This includes full lecture and studio art courses offered through the highly successful MoMA Online Courses portal, as well as other shorter instructional series such as the seven-part Printmaking videos, which demonstrate the art and process of printmaking, a companion to MoMA’s German Expressionism printmaking exhibition.  Plowshares has created videos for other special MoMA exhibits including all the companion videos for the MoMA Abstract Expressionist-NY exhibit which became the centerpiece of the award-winning ABEX-NY exhibition iPad app.

In addition, PSM also creates influential promotional videos for MoMA to shed light on the many programs they have; combining compelling footage & powerful interviews into a strong narrative. PSM has collaborated with MoMA in creating production plans, building out the production studio, visuals, scripts, licensing music, recording voiceovers and creating an archival and back-up system for all of the footage.

A sampling of the videos Plowshares has created for MoMA is below.